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Monday, 14 June 2010 19:20

Hamilton Peace Network Night

Written by  Rob Porter

On the evening of Monday, June 14th a small group of local peace folks got together to share their current initiatives, challenges, and discuss opportunities for the future.

The following is the summary minutes:

In attendance: Brennan, Rob, Ray, Aly.

Ray: Reviewed the history of this and other networking events -- the luncheons every six months, and the creation of the evening equivalents, which began in May 2009. The May event was a very successful addressing the issue of the lack of inter-generational exchange -- the luncheons were mostly older generations. However, there's been a decline since then that has not recovered. This is something that needs addressing.

Brennan: Currently involved with pacifist campaigns in high school, as a form of resistance to military recruitment being done within the high school. For example, guidance councillors are recommending military service to students, the military is given exclusive access to classes. The school has put up barriers to alternative opinions being expressed -- for example, not allowing white poppies to be distributed. Brennan is also soon going to Ottawa for university, and is looking to help out with bringing the peace café concept there.

Discussion about the high school issue, creative resistance ideas shared.

Rob: Hamilton Centre for Teaching Peace is incorporating, and taking a leadership role in establishing a Southern Ontario Peace Café association/network. We have been researching fair trade & organic cafés in S. Ontario, planning to visit serveral anonymously then approach appropriate spaces with an invitation to become a Peace Café. Also will be seeking out Infoshops, such as the Brock OPIRG infoshop in St. Catherine's. Also working on new integrated Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace website, and fall conference.

Aly: Working on initial draft to approach teachers about the Youth Conference in November. The theme will line up with the weekend conference.

Ray: Culture of Peace Hamilton has dropped "network" name, working on new logo. Has hired two people to work in social geography project for the past few weeks, on to the fall. Has made headways into connecting with mayor, police chief, concillors, etc -- many interested in the project. New brochure has been created.

Discussion of next events -- might skip August event and have it in October. Will discuss thus further at peace café meetings, and depends on availability of volunteers to coordinate.

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Rob Porter

Rob Porter

Rob joined Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace in 2002, after attending the first Annual Conference on Peace Education in Canada when he started his second university undergraduate degree.

Originally from a farm near Walkerton, Ontario, Rob resides in Hamilton, Ontario where he attended McMaster University for music, theatre & film studies, and peace studies.

Rob has assisted with the Annual Conferences on Peace Education in Canada over the years, first as a volunteer student and later as the facilitator and coordinator. He is now the director of the first community Peace Café, Hamilton Centre for Teaching Peace.

Rob also is a professional web programmer and designer, having designed and programmed dozens of sites since 1997. More recently he has incorporated a business partnership called CartaNova.

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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